The Aesthetic Truth

What can be dull, dry, wrinkled, 8pounds, 22 square feet with an occasional breakout? Your SKIN!

  Why is it important to care for the largest body organ? Because, it is our first line of protection from the environment loaded with nerves and sensors that communicate everything from extreme temperatures to harmful chemicals to the brain, and smile. It is also the first thing people see when they meet us!  

Here at The Aesthetic Truth I will share my knowledge and wisdom on how to correct, prevent and protect your skin from the inside out, and hopefully scale back the signs of aging and perhaps answer some of your questions along the way. It is my desire that you are able to discern what is real, what is value, and what you can potentially do without.

Welcome, all who seek aesthetic truth.
As for you Trolls...
See your way out...
Good Vibes Only

-Aesthetically Yours,


Congratulations to Shannon Neece, for winning the Instagram Giveaway!
So excited to start on your skin!
I will continue to do giveaways on Instagram and here on the blog!
Happy New Year, everyone!

Courtney Copeland