Fake Products - World Wide Web Hustle

So let’s start with a confession...I am a fiend for documentaries. Recently, a I have been watching a Netflix Series called Dope. This documentary films the perspectives of drug dealers, users and the police.

Now, I am not into illicit drugs with the exception of a little Mary Jane now and again, however, I do have a Medical License for it, nonetheless one episode really caught my attention and got me thinking.
Season 2:Episode 3

“I’m Gonna Get Me That White People Money”

In this episode, I watch a drug dealer purchase 50 Ecstasy Pills. He then took them back to the “Trap”, house, I don’t think it was the one in 2 Chainz video because that one was PINK...lol! This dealer grinder the 50 pills up and cut it with God know what to then yield 100 pills. Great business sense, but SCARY!!! He then went on to pour the powder into a device that packed the powder into pull form complete with a smile graphic on the front. All this to double his profit, but little to no concern for the well-being of his customer.

In the past I have had clients who have purchased products from me with a healthy discount, but return to me 3 months later claiming they found my products cheaper - a word I hate- hit me with less expensive- at least- on Amazon or EBay. I used to become offended after all I buy the product wholesale and sell them for a 75% markup to help My clientele, but then I realized that the consumer was just not properly informed.

Most reputable brands have Authorized Re-Sellers and Stockist- these are facilities with an agreement with the brand. In fact most reputable brands go to great lengths to protect their Authorized Re-Sellers and Stockist to help ensure their success in selling the products. Unfortunately, in today’s market almost anything can be obtained through the “Black Market” to replicate authentic goods to be sold on the World Wide Web.

Consumers must be aware of the dangers of purchasing products from unauthorized resellers this is the same as purchasing from a drug dealer on the street- YOU don’t know what is in the product.

Many times these products contain harmful chemicals and at times have been pulled and tested only to find out they are not the original product at all and have caused horrific toxic and allergic reactions followed by a visit to the ER. So you tell me, is saving a few extra dollars really worth it? When looking to purchase your skin care products online start with the actual site of the brand you are purchasing. See if there is a list available for Authorized Sellers and Stockist and go from there or shoot me an email but whatever you do Don’t Get Hustled By The World Wide Web!

Aesthetically Yours,

Courtney Copeland